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WorldCall Cable Broadband - Unlimited Downloads

WorldCall Cable Broadband

Thunder - New upgraded packages from WorldCall Cable Broadband that runs on state of the art DOCSIS 3.0 which permits high-speed data transfer on our existing hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) infrastructure.

Thunder provides never-before internet speeds of upto 10 Mb. The high speeds facilitate a superior internet browsing experience with video streaming and rich media content.

Thunder data plans are designed to suit your specific needs.

  For details, call now 111-111-965

  • High speed unlimited internet access
  • Always ON
  • Exciting Value added services
  • Flexible Plans - Find your match

WorldCall Cable Broadband


Thunder 1 Mbps

Thunder 2 Mbps

Thunder* 4 Mbps

Thunder* 6 Mbps

Thunder* 8 Mbps

Thunder* 10 Mbps

Monthly Subscription (Rs.)







Set-up Cost (Rs.)







14% Advance tax on Internet Services will be applicable as per Government rules.

Free Cable TV for Thunder 4, Thunder 6, Thunder 8 & Thunder 10 customers.


WorldCall Cable Broadband

What is WorldCall Cable Broadband?

It is a cable broadband internet service that provides high speed internet connectivity. WorldCall Cable Broadband uses a separate cable to connect you to the Internet without engaging your phone line.

Why should I get WorldCall Cable Broadband?

WorldCall Cable Broadband should be your preferred choice for the following reasons:

  • State of the art DOCSIS 3.0 running on our reliable Hybrid Fiber Coaxial network
  • Speed up to 10 Mbps
  • Always on
  • Real time applications (online gaming, video conferencing etc.)
  • Unlimited downloads (data, songs, videos etc.)

What is the maximum connection speed being offered by WorldCall Cable Broadband?

Currently, we are offering speed up to 10 Mbps on WorldCall Cable Broadband Thunder packages.

What is the monthly download limit on WorldCall Cable Broadband connection?

WorldCall Cable Broadband connection offers unlimited download / upload on all packages.

Is WorldCall Cable Broadband network available in my city?

Currently WorldCall Cable Broadband services are available in Karachi and Lahore.

How can I get WorldCall Cable Broadband connection?

You can contact us at 111-111-965 or visit the nearest WorldCall Customer Care Center.

How is WorldCall Cable Broadband activated?

Once your order has been processed, WorldCall will send the installation team to your premises to set-up the connection.

How much does it cost?

Set-up cost plus subscription charges according to the selected package.

Will there be any security deposit for the device?

No, security deposit is not required.

How can I pay my WorldCall Cable Broadband bill?

The collection representative will collect the bill from customer premises. You can also deposit the bill at the nearest WorldCall Customer Care Center or online through WorldCall Customer e-Portal.

Is networking possible using WorldCall Cable Broadband service?

Yes, you can share your connection on a network.

If I am having trouble with my connection, whom should I contact?

You can contact us at 111 111 965, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To connect, call now: 111-111-965.
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